When transporting your child, we take very seriously the safety and security of our precious cargo. Unlike some childcare facilities which utilize passenger vans, each of our locations is equipped with buses which meet or exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. According to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services, passenger vans or minivans offer a much lower level of safety when compared with buses. Studies show the risk of fatal injuries is significantly higher for van occupants than those riding in buses.

White Oak Learning Academies only use compact buses when transporting our students. Routes are chosen carefully to avoid dangerous intersections and heavily congested areas. When participating in field trips, our buses are staffed with an additional adult as an added safety measure.

Each of our Compact Buses Comes Equipped With:
- Steel Cage Bodies
- 16-Gauge Aluminum Side Panels
- 12-Gauge Steel Wrap-Around Bumper
- Adjustable Driver's Seat with Easy to Read Instrumentation
- Full-height Entrance Doors with Padded Headers
- Comfortable Seating for Up to 14 Students
- Wide Center Aisles
- Easy Access to Emergency Exits